The odyssey starts again.

I have a FJ40 with an '83 305 (cam and intake upgrades) mated to a late model 4L60 with a manual lockup kit (was carb'd). I added a TBI and with the help of Dave W and a couple different forums modded the 7747 computer and burned my own chips. Fast forward 5 years and I am building a 350 from a '90 Caprice to put in it. The engine is bone stock and came with a full vehicle harness and the matching computer (1228746). The chip does not have the bin code on it, instead has "5369" printed on top. I am going to open the box to see if I can find the code on the memcal, but even then there isn't much I can find about the bin's for this computer.

I am trying to decide the best way forward. I don't really want to go through a two month tune process like last time, but I am not sure I can completely avoid it. I don't see much on the $61 computer which makes me think I should avoid it and use the 7747. I do need to remove the trans and smog settings at a minimum. I read something about a possible power steering pressure sensor, but I am not sure if it had that yet. I don't mind keeping the EGR although my present harness doesn't have it.

I am just looking for advice at the moment. Worth modding the 8746 for a 27SF512 chip and use the car engine harness or keep the 7747 and correct the harness to match sensor locations then find a decent starting bin?

Thanks all!