Finally getting through more pieces of a LS1 disassembly. I am slowly figuring out where things happen, but am still a little confused as to HOW. The assembly code is stored from $00000 through $7FFFF (512 kB OS). From what I have read, there is another section of memory above the 1st 512 kB which goes from $80000 through $FFFFFFFF (I think). It looks like some of these bytes are used for status or flag updates.

The two things that I am wondering are:

- Are these pieces of the memory the actual places where things get turned on or off.

- If they are, then at some point how are the DTC's handled? I know where the DTC's are located at in the DTC segement, but am having trouble figuring out where they get loaded at or used at in the code. It might just be the disassembly that I am using too which may not be correct. Is the code setup so that if a DTC is turned off, then that part of the assembly code doesn't run? Or is it that a section of code will run and want to turn something on, but there is a DTC check which prevents it?