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Thread: A little stuck getting started

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    A little stuck getting started

    I have a '91 TBI 350 with the 1227747and ARJT chip that I am swapping into my '69 GMC. I have modified the harness (which is why I'm here LOL), and have tried to fire it up. The issue that I'm having is that I'm not getting an injector pulse. I know there are several posts about causes for that, and I've been through all of them and everything checks out. So, what I wanted to do is to hook up to the ECM to scan and see what I could be missing. I really need to figure out whether this is a wiring issue, or an ECM issue. My issue is that when I hook up to the ECM, I'm not getting any readings. Attached are a couple of screenshots of what I'm seeing (winALDL & putty). Just looking for some advice on what to check next.

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