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Thread: budget build questions for the advanced tuners 6825 ecm $0d bin

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    Quote Originally Posted by jim_in_dorris View Post
    Good to know. I am concerned that 53cc combustion chambers with the flattop pistons will put me up over 10:1 compression, not exactly sure I could tune it properly. The 191 heads will yield 9:1, something that seems safer on an older motor with miles on it.
    I bet if you put the numbers down correctly it would only be 9.5:1 with the 53cc heads. My 1983 305 was about 10.2:1 from the factory. Flat top pistons with 6cc worth of valve reliefs, .025" down the bore, .020" thick steel shim head gasket and the 53cc heads. Pulled a couple of 85-86 305s with the same heads that had dished pistons in them.

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    Fast, thanks. I ran the numbers, and get 9.6:1 for 53 cc heads, certainly in the do-able range, I just can't find an affordable set of 305 heads locally that aren't trashed. A set of 305 centerbolt heads would be ideal, but almost every vehicle in the junkyard has got a ton of miles, and I don't need to buy more cracked heads. in the last 2 years, 1 head out of 8 was not cracked. I would buy new ones, and will later this year, but right now I just need to get my truck running. I like your results, and will look at the lunati cam to see how it performs with the setup I think I will be going with for now.
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    Update time--- I have the block cleaned up ( lots of elbow grease), the bores honed, the cam in, and the crank with the mains in. Putting the rings on the pistons, so in a couple of days if all goes well, the bottom end will be ready to button up. Then on to the heads. The 191s were really caked up, but the spark plug in the heads were the wrong plugs. They didn't even make it all the way in the holes they were so short. I got a 10 gallon bucket, filled it with degreaser, and boiled the first head in it for about an hour. What a difference. Still had to clean the exhaust side of really hard carbon deposits, but it sure is nice to have it clean. A valve job, some z28 springs with 50 up locks and they will go on the short block.
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