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Thread: budget build questions for the advanced tuners 6825 ecm $0d bin

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    budget build questions for the advanced tuners 6825 ecm $0d bin

    Ok, I know I am going to catch a lot of flack for this, but the budget is really tight right now. I have a low milage 283 that I can replace the cam in (the current cam is waaay to large) bolt on my rebuilt 193 heads (I hand lapped the valves) and drop it in my truck for around $200. My questions center around 2 things;

    1. if I am using the 8625 ecm, should I use the 350 knock sensor or will the 305 knock sensor work better?

    2. In the bin, I have changed the displacement to reflect the correct value, and I will be using the 61# 350 injectors (I estimate HP at around 289hp at 5000 rpm) do I need to change anything else in the bin? I know that the fuel and timing will need to be changed to get it right, just need it up and running soon, I can make data logs and change my tables once it is running.

    <edit> I realized my title got the ecm incorrect, it is an 8625 that I have a $0d bin in.
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