hello everyone I'm new to the form and am in need of some help with my 1992 Chevrolet blazer k1500 5.7L 350 tbi. It will run fine in park you can give it gas and everything and when I put in gear it will run fine idling. sometimes times when you take off easy it tends to bog and act like its going to dies then it will clean up and go it doesn't do it all the time. Then when you get on it sometimes to get on the interstate around 3200 rpm or more it loses power and sounds like its breaking up I let off a little the power comes back runs fine. I just bought the truck 4 days ago. I did get two codes that came on 32 egr solenoid and 42 icm. I bought both and a new egr valve too so I could eliminate it out too I have not put them on yet because we have been snowed in here in Danville PA . but I don't know if this will fix my problem that I'm having it could be off on timing or need a new fuel pump. the tank and fuel pump I was told was replaced two or three years ago but I'm not one for trusting that when I buy something from someone just woundering if someone has had this happened before and tips for getting it going better. I do know when I got the truck home they had the egr valve disconnected the hose calked shut the egr solenoid vent calked shut I cleaned the hose out and flows air well hooked it up like it should be tried to get it out of the egr solenoid the best I could it ran a lot better for a bit then the issues came back again. I'm trying to give as much info of the symptoms as I can. its all stock 3 year old exhaust form manifolds out single stock style. I need to get this taken care of so I can get it inspected we have no emissions here where we live.