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Thread: Inputting Injector Info into Tunerpro RT

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    Inputting Injector Info into Tunerpro RT


    So I managed to turn up a fairly new set of 2004 Corvette Z06 Injectors for my TPIS miniram that's running out of fuel at WOT. They were at the awesome price of free. I downloaded a stock tune to Hptuners just to take a look at the Injector Flow Rate, and Offset, as well as flow rate vs volts. This is not an area I am very well versed in yet but I have been reading on the newer cars that improper injector characterization can lead to poor drivability and fuel economy. It was recommend to me on my C6 that I purchase a set of injectors with data. I have to be honest, I am on a budget on this C4 and I am trying to avoid that. What I noticed was on my $8D bin, there is Injector Flow Rate "Scalar" however I can't seem to find any other injector related tables? Is this possible? Am I missing something? My only though is that maybe because its batch fire... timing is not so important. I don't want to get too hung up on this because I still have a lot to learn, just want to make sure I am going to get good results... Thoughts?


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