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Thread: 1227747 ECM includes 27SF512 Flash Chip Conversion, ZIF Socket, bin of choice w/mods

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    1227747 ECM includes 27SF512 Flash Chip Conversion, ZIF Socket, bin of choice w/mods

    For sale is 1227747 ECM with 27SF512 chip conversion. The ZIF socket is the higher/stronger socket. Unfortunately, if does require the cover to stay removed or a thicker seal is needed to gain clearance. After desired modifications are done, the ZIF socket can be removed for a thinner seal.

    I will burn whatever stock bin/chip you desire. Send PM of desired bin and if mods are needed. Shipping charges will be added. If agreed by buyer and seller, the buyer has choice of carrier and type of shipment. $100 for everything described in ad accept shipping charges.
    1986 ski centurion boat, 351W, gt40P heads, edelbrock performer rpm, 1227747 ecm, 72 lb/hr injectors (@18 PSI fuel pressure), .490/.490 lift, intake 278 duration, exhuast 282 duration, 112 lobe separation

    1969 camaro, 355ci, performer RPM intake, camel hump heads, 1227747 ecm, 454 throttle body (@18 PSI fuel pressure),

    2016 Chevy Cruz

    2014 Chevy Silverado

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    Is this ECM still available?

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    Hello.I see the add is old but I dint see it saying the ecm etc still available. Thanks

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