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Thread: Setting Base Idle using tunerpro 1227730 ecm.

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    Setting Base Idle using tunerpro 1227730 ecm.

    Hi, new to tuning and i cant seem to figure out how to get the desired idle to increase from 800rpm. I set the idle speed vs temp table to idle no lower than 1100rpm. but when i run the car and datalog, IAC is at 0, and desired rpm is 800. Car does not want to idle below 1000rpm. 383 stroker, 2.05I 1.6E, comp cams xe268h, and so on... just need to know if there is another parameter that overrides the rpm vs temp table or what i am missing?

    Thank You

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    Verify the throttle body screw isn't holding the throttle open. IAC at 0 should mean the car is relying 100% on the throttle body. Throttle body screw should be set to allow it to run at around 450-500 RPM's at which point the IAC will take over to keep you at the desired 800.


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    What equipment are you using?

    Emulator or programming an EEPROM for each change?
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    Ok so got some help from a guy on the 3rd gen forum. Turns out factory aujp has a max idle limit of 800 rpm from the factory. Guy told me where to find it in hex, changed it to allow a max of 1500 rpm so its out of my way now. Then added a parameter to my definition file so i dont have to dig through hex and do the math again if i need to change it. Car is loving idle at 1100, might try bringing it down slowly depending on how she actually drives..

    Using a moates burn2 with hdr1 memcal adaptor and eeprom

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