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Thread: 5.7L running too lean (very high NOx), won't pass state emissions

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    Hey I am providing an update. I received and installed the 1227747 ECM with the factory ASDU chip. It started right up and after a warm up period I disconnected the distributer connector and set the base timing to exactly 0 degrees TDC. Previously, it was 2 degrees advanced. Then i ran TunerPro and created another log file. There seems to be some significant improvements. First it idles at 750 or so instead of 1150, but much more importantly at part throttle is now seems to be operating much better flipping back and forth every few seconds between Lean and Rich and the O2 sensor output voltage also seems to be alternating above and below .500. Previously, part throttle seemed to stay just Lean most of the time.

    I do have one question though. The vacuum and MAP numbers seem to pretty much remain constant regardless of throttle position. I don't understand this. Shouldn't the vacuum and MAP numbers drop as throttle increases?

    If someone could look at the attached XDL file it would be appreciated.
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