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Thread: Missing many parameters in TunerPro RT list view

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    Missing many parameters in TunerPro RT list view

    I have a 1995 Chevy 5.7L crate motor mated to a 700R4 trans in a 1989 Jeep Wrangler. ECM (1227747), wiring harness, and all sensors are probably out of a 91 or 92 chevy truck (I didn't do the original build). The 1227747 ECM was used because the 700R4 trans is non-electronic. I have TunerPro5 RT and Moates Extreme ALDL setup with (imported and converted) to .adx file. Data is streaming fine but I only see 13 total parameters in the list view. (see attached screen shot). I expected to see many more. Specifically, I am looking for Loop Status, P/N Position Switch, BLM, and EGR parameters. I have looked at lots of tutorials but have not found how to add parameters the TunerPro RT lists. Anyone know how to do this?
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    Why don't you use the one of the more complete .adx ffiles rom here:

    $42-1227747-V5.2.adx is pretty complete

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    Thanks a million!! I now see many more parameters. It now shows the shifter position and it does go into closed loop mode. While the BLM shows 128 at idle, it goes red to 148 as soon as I go off idle (with coolant temp at about 145, vacuum holds steady at 22, loop status is closed, BLM Learn is Enabled). I believe this indicates an extreme lean condition, which explains why my NOx emissions are way high. Unfortunately, I don't see any EGR, AFR, or fuel pressure parameters. I assume they are not in the adx file (as you recommended I downloaded the v5.2 file). Could these be added to a different version of the adx file or can I modify the definition file to include them? One other unexpected behavior, the Rich/Lean status switches between Rich and Lean (every few seconds) even with BLM holding steady at 148. I don't understand this, I would expect it to hold steady with Lean. I will need to purchase a fuel pressure gauge and see what it actually is.
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    I just noticed that when the engine temp is between about 125-170, the BLM is red with values in the 140s. However, once it reaches operating temperature at about 190, the BLM drops to the mid to low 130s and never gets above 136 regardless of engine RPM (1,000-4,000). Also, noted that the ECM goes Closed-Loop when the engine temp reaches about 100 degrees and stays in closed-loop mode regardless of engine RPMs. So, I think this is running pretty normal as near as I can tell. However, I noticed the vacuum practically never changes - stays at 21-22 no matter what the engine temp is or RPMs. I thought the vacuum would drop as engine RPMs are increased. Attached is my XDL log file. Can someone have a look at it and give me your opinion?
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