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Thread: Can'90 C4 corvette use boost with TunerproRT?

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    Can'90 C4 corvette use boost with TunerproRT?

    I'm wondering if I can make TunerproRT read and run in boost on my C4 corvette. I would have to adjust the tables to make room or create new rows for boost above 100kpa and use a two or three bar map sensor. Can this be done? If not what engine management are boosted C4 owners using?

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    tunerpro has no direct influence on the capabilities of your ecm

    you use a 2 bar map, everything will be cut in half. 50kpa in your table will actually mean 100kpa, and above that will be boost. you can re-label your xdf columns if you like.

    same for logging. you can *2 any kpa stuff in the adx and it'll show the correct value

    the only real downside is decreased resolution

    there may be hacks to expand the table but im unsure on that particular ecm

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    I think the EBL P4 Flash system is worth considering!
    ************************************************** *************************
    The software to run the engine is the result of years of effort. It has been enhanced to support engines from stock through high performance monsters. Handles boost to 30 psi. The EBL code provides functionality not found in stock ECMs. Wet N2O control, lean cruise, cranking prime pulses, ability to select open loop modes for cruise, deceleration or idle.

    For example:

    A real shift light
    Soft touch rev limiter
    1, 2 and 3-bar MAP support with boost SA retard and fuel multiplier tables
    Spark tables are high resolution and full size up to 6,400 RPM
    VE tables are high resolution and full size up to 8,000 RPM
    Acceleration enrichment (AE) tables have been expanded
    Changes to the fueling algorithms have been made to provide a smoother, stronger running engine.
    Electric fan control for 2 fans
    N2O wet system control: minimum MPH, TPS threshold, RPM window. Arming input
    Smart A/C control: PE disable, upper/lower RPM shutoff, re-enable delay
    Lean cruise mode for better fuel mileage
    Open loop fueling modes
    N-Alpha mode
    Emissions functions: EGR, CCP, A.I.R. and closed loop fueling

    The enhancements to the ECM code are too numerous to list. Once tuned your engine will run better then it ever has.

    Important note for '7727 & '8260 ECM users (under hood version). When ordering let us know that you are using the under hood version of the ECM. A different comm connector cable will be supplied. This is due to the unavailability of the ECM harness terminals. Along with the actual connector shells not having the terminal locations molded for them.

    You will need to either drill a small hole in the case to mount the comm connector. Or leave it hang out of the calibration access panel.
    ************************************************** **************************************************

    Another option might be Code 58 or Code 59???

    dave w

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    That car should use a '7727 ECM (underhood) and can be used with $58 or $59 to read 2 or 3 BAR MAP sensors ($58 for 2 BAR and $59 for 3 BAR).

    $59 is an enhanced version of $58 and is a what I would chose out of the two, even if you don't plan on going over 15 PSIG of boost, the other improvements make it worth the use. I used it for years in my Datsun.

    The problem with swapping in this code is that the DIC will no longer function, or at least not correctly, from what I've read several times.
    The man who says something is impossible, is usually interrupted by the man doing it.

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    Interesting. Anyways I'm way a head of myself this is at least a year away. I'm saving money to buy a new house. Now that the weather is warming up I am having new issues with my tune. I'll just post a new thread for that.

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