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Thread: 93 GMC w/Moates adapters, need someone to tune it.

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    93 GMC w/Moates adapters, need someone to tune it.

    Help. I have been trying to tune my 93 GMC and just don't have the time. Does anyone tune these, or proficient at Tuner Pro and want a try at it. I have contacted several PCM companies to pay them to program it and nobody can do a 93. Please help or point me in the direction of someone who does this professionally. Thanks

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    Hi there, i don`t know if this would be any help, but i have read some forums, and people on these forums have had only good feed back about this guy here:, hope he can help you with making a tune for you, he has no phone number on his sitr, but people state that he replies very fast via email.

    Of course if you haven`t yet solved your issue.

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