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Thread: 6.5 diesel .xdf and adx

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    6.5 diesel .xdf and adx

    wanting to start tuning on my friend's 6.5 diesel and I am stuck with no xdf and adx files. I obtained the BPDP and BPAA from bin files from the diesel place but the links for the masks are broken . I want the $ec $and eca $ecb and $ecs xdf and adx files or links to files if anyone has them

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    508 6.5L info I know of on this site.
    89 K1500 Scottsdale 5.7L 5spd 3:42

    Build specs: 97 4 bolt main block 350ci, Eagle rotating assembly with flat tops and 4 valve reliefs, Dart 165cc/67cc Iron Eagle heads, Manely SS valves and springs 110lbs seat @1.7, GM Ram Jet cam 196/206 @.50 .431/.451, stock intake and throttle body, heads and intake gasket matched, Delco EP377 fuel pump @ 22 psi, 427 PCM.

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    as Mark mentioned a few years ago, those files did appear to be copied work(and legally unwise to continue hosting), I want to say the original work was done via Wester's Garage?
    1995 Chevrolet Monte Carlo LS 3100 + 4T60E

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