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Thread: 6.5 diesel .xdf and adx

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    6.5 diesel .xdf and adx

    wanting to start tuning on my friend's 6.5 diesel and I am stuck with no xdf and adx files. I obtained the BPDP and BPAA from bin files from the diesel place but the links for the masks are broken . I want the $ec $and eca $ecb and $ecs xdf and adx files or links to files if anyone has them

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    526 6.5L info I know of on this site.
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    Build specs: 97 4 bolt main block 350ci, Eagle rotating assembly with flat tops and 4 valve reliefs, Dart 165cc/67cc Iron Eagle heads, Manely SS valves and springs 110lbs seat @1.7, GM Ram Jet cam 196/206 @.50 .431/.451, stock intake and throttle body, heads and intake gasket matched, Delco EP377 fuel pump @ 22 psi, 427 PCM.

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    as Mark mentioned a few years ago, those files did appear to be copied work(and legally unwise to continue hosting), I want to say the original work was done via Wester's Garage?
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    I have an $EC xdf that I have been working on, created from scratch without ever seeing the copyrighted one. It's still somewhat basic and I haven't looked into differences for ECA/ECB yet. If you tell me specifically what you are interested in being able to modify then I'll try to make sure it's supported. Also do you have his bin? If you do I can verify that it matches the xdf.

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    The files linked previously were supplied by a member and may have been original work. Wester's claimed they were not and the contributor was asked to supply supporting documentation so files could remain up. Contributor declined so down they came.

    We would be happy to host files as long as there is supporting work to answer any claims the defs are Wester's defs.

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    I believe User Quadstar87 on PCMHacking has done work with these least he's working on the reflash routine now.

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