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Thread: $EE LT1 Unused tables & inputs

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    $EE LT1 Unused tables & inputs

    Hi guys,
    Since the weather here is crap, I've been musing over some unused tables and inputs.
    Anybody have any input thoughts or ideas.

    I'm running 95 Camaro LT1 M6 trans:
    Tunercat had a clutch display that never showed anything.
    There are two idle tables, in neutral & in gear.
    Does the M6 code allow it to see gear selection so we could have 2 idle speeds setup.

    The Rev Limiter tables can be set for 1st gear and others.
    If the inputs are used then I could have a switchable lower rev limit setup for when anyone else drives the car so it can't be ragged on.

    I also thought about the tables for traction control retard.
    Now I've never read anything that had anything good to say about traction control.
    Everybody seems to just turn it off.
    Does it ever work? Could it work ? I haven't researched what the input to the PCM is to activate it.

    Merry Christmas / seasons greetings / whatever you follow . (delete as applicable)

    '95 Z28 M6 -Just the odd mod.
    '80 350 A3 C3 Corvette - recent addition.

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    it doesnt know what gear your m6 is in, but if you wanted to, it could be done? the "clutch" in tunerpro is probably tcc or ac clutch. the clutch switch doesn't go to the ecm, it's only for start in gear protection.

    i think kur4o had switching between the idle and rev limit tables working? should be a simple patch.

    i personally think because its a fuel cut rev limit, it's not so hot, .. and multiple idle settings are kinda useless too, so its just acedemic to do that stuff. fun project though.

    traction control is a decaying request for timing retard that subtracts timing up to a certain limit. it works with the abs controller (which provides secondary braking, and in later models, throttle angle limiting). i think guys have used it for nos retard? i did enable it before and had it working well to reduce wheel spin on a particularly sketchy car...

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