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Thread: TPI Stroked '69 International Scout 800 - newbie to chip burning

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    TPI Stroked '69 International Scout 800 - newbie to chip burning

    Gearhead-EFI threads save my sanity leading me to the elusive VATS enigma. So simple a fix... Now I just need to pass inspection and then get TunerPro RT and Ostrich 2.0 to connect Data Analyzer... and let the tuning begin. 1969 International Scout 800; Monster Transmissions 700-R4 (1800 stall); 35" tires; Stock '87 Firebird TPI 350... stroked to 383... roller cam, 22 lb injectors (26 lb injectors on the to-do list). 1227730 ECU Starting with AUJB bin as-is, with only modification to cylinder displacement.... and VATS disabled after a few days of painful programming dead-ends. I look forward to the painful lessons that this site (and lots of beer) will help me get through...
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    Are you 100% positive the chip is AUJB? I can't find AUJB in my data base!! dave w

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