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Thread: Anyone willing to program a few chips with stock bins for me?

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    Anyone willing to program a few chips with stock bins for me?

    My eprom programmer won't do (that I've found so far) the AN28F256-120 flash chips that my P66 ECM uses. I've socketed the one I bricked, and have located a few good pulls. Anyone here willing to flash them with the stock bins?

    Hopefully I'll get the programmer working with these chips soon enough, I'm just looking for a quick solution to get the truck project rolling again.

    EDIT: Also, will AN28F512-120 chips work? I have about a pint of those, pulled from old boards at work. Same board I pulled the sockets from, actually.
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    I tried the 512 in that PCM but they don`t work.
    One more data pin is used. I didnt dig deeper to make them work, maybe board modification is needed.
    If you can program 512 I doubt you can`t do 256 with the same programmer.
    You can give it more tries.

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    Yeah, my programmer wont' do any of the 28F series chips, it's OOOOOLLLLLDDDDD. I built it from a kit in the mid 90's. I'll look around and see if I have a different one, I *might* have another.

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