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Thread: 400FWHP TBI build attempt thread

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    Rather old first attempt at building and smoothing a VE table, based on... gut I guess. No idea if I'm even close but this is what I started with, dreaming back in Dec. 2016. screen shots of both graphs as well. For spark tables I considered working with Vortec head stock tables as a fairly conservative ballpark, maybe even stock aluminum head LTI F body tables and dialing it back pretty broadly since classic Gen I SBC isn't reverse cooled. No chance of making 46* anywhere like an LT1, especially at 10.2:1 lol. This is where I really have no idea to build a spark table. I still think the Vortec tables are decent place to start, maybe something like an aluminum headed L98 as a base? The ProMaxx 2169 heads' flow numbers are well published, they post them on their site, Skip White measured them a year ago, I think HotRod magazine online had a budget head shootout with flow numbers when they were still Patriot heads, though I'm pretty sure that was a previous design.
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