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Thread: 400FWHP TBI build attempt thread

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    400FWHP TBI build attempt thread

    1992 C1500 extended cab I picked up for $450.00. Bad 700R4, body damage in the front right corner, GT4 (3.73) rear. Going hydraulic roller. EBL Flash acquired, working on first step with VE tables for (hopefully) start and first run once it's all put together with the upgrades. Rebuilt 700R4 going back in tomorrow, then figuring out why I'm getting the code 23 and doing some driving and tweaking the tune for more experience with EBL Flash prior to buildup. I've researched what I want to do since June and have found a great deal of info along the way, thanks to the dedication of the community. Sean at SPR and Bob at Dynamic EFI have been great to deal with. Brian H's site was the first I found on the subject of TBI performance and has been a great help as well. Tomorrow, transmission. Then the fun begins. Tomorrow I'll post up my first stab at putting together VE tables for all these mods to come. May be good for laughs, might be in the ballpark.
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