My apologies for lack of updates. It's been a slow month. Trying to get a few things sorted out in prep for the go fast portion of the project. All I've managed to do is install the FPR and salad bowl. I debated on where to mount the regulator and settled on the inboard stud for the master cylinder on the brake booster. I just bent the 13301's bracket to a 90* angle. I'll add a pic a little later. Rebuilt transmission is a blast with 2500 stall and 3.73s. Picked up a decent Derale cooler to take care of it as well. I did bite the bullet on the Holley TBI intake, know what I'm up against to make it work. Running the earlier EGR on it, and Professional Products makes an adapter that rotates it out of the way of the IAC connector. Pics of some of that later on as well.