Hello all! New member from Kansas. Found this forum a while ago and have been perusing the threads for quite awhile. I have the pleasure of owning a 1988 V20 Suburban, factory 4spd manual. A 91 Z28 Camaro coupe, fully optioned 5.7/700r4. And an old 1968 Mustang coupe, forged, balanced, blueprinted 302/c6, disc conversion, etc. I also have 3 low mileage 2004-2005 LQ4's 6.0l sitting in my garage, as well as a spare LO5 for the suburban. Most of my inquiries will be focused on the TBI/TPI based injection. I am looking to learn or have chips made. But might ultimately go to an EBL flash set up or concoct my own fuel injection systems. I have a college degree in aircraft mechanics and avionics. Licensed A&P mechanic. I currently work for a custom sheet metal fabrication company. I work in the research and development, prototyping department for my company. Lots of AutoCad, Inventor, and CNC laser, punch programming. I have been contemplating a TPI turbo build, and a solid performing TBI build. And if I get a wild hair, maybe some LS swaps in the future. I look forward to learning and developing skills in an unfamiliar subject.