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Thread: Are many MAF to SD TPI conversions done?

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    Are many MAF to SD TPI conversions done?

    The reason I ask is one from experience and curiosity. Having worked for generous Motors Powertrain through the 80's and 90's and performed countless VE maps for the new (then) Quad 4, I cannot imagine anyone masochistic enough wanting to do this correctly. Correctly meaning A/F meter, Tow Dyne, test track, time to do it, etc, etc. I personally built a '74 Monza with a 262cid and scratch built using a '69 Z28 intake with 2 TBI units. I don't remember how many set of brake pads and rotors I used up trying to grab all of the VE table points. Congrats to those who have successfully done this calibrating. tnx, Mick

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    I've converted and successfully tuned several TPI MAF systems to TPI MAP (speed density) systems. Success was measured with BLM averaging 128 (+ / - 5). I admit not all cells of the VE table were data logged. I'm fortunate, my test loop can include driving from sea level to an elevation of 8450 feet above sea level (Palmer Glacier Mt Hood Oregon). dave w

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