Hello every one. I am bronco Tom. My buddies and I are off-roaders. On the trails we are always off-camber in some sticky situation trying to get up and over some obstacle that we thought we could master! This means carburation is a flunk! Most guys have factory fuel injection. My ride is a heavily modified 78 bronco on propane. I call her HILLBILLY DELUXE. Anyway, I got my hands on a complete 454 tbi system that I want to try to get to work. MY goal is to diy the whole thing without spending a lot of cash. The wiring harness delete has got me a little worried, but the distributor mod might be the biggest diy challenge. I love what I have seen in the short time I have visited this site. MY plan is to work on the wiring harness first. If that goes ok I will look into tackling the dist. I feel confident I could get any help I might need here.