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Thread: BLM Fueling changes

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    BLM Fueling changes

    What do people use to calc the ve table change using blm & int figures?

    I've seen blm / 128
    ( blm - 128 ) /2

    What calc do you use to factor in the integrator?
    I've seen equal weighting as the BLM.
    each point * 0.0034

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    I use BLM / 128. I do not use INT.

    I also figure an engine needs more fuel as engine load increases and engine rpm increases, so smoothing is a factor to consider when adjusting the VE table.

    dave w

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    the fact that blm/int is expressed as a raw integer centered around 128 is a gm oversight that creeped into all of our lives and we're just used to it now.

    it's missing a conversion, should be X/128=trim%

    in fact any 8 bit signed conversion follows that rule

    i think ancient gm scan tools displays it raw so everyone else does.

    i made eehack default to trim% and i think that's the way to go.

    integrator? definitely if you average it across a bunch o records in a particular region, it can be useful. before block learn has settled down a bit, integrator average certainly produces a reasonable trim value too. depends how you process your data. if you don't have good filtering, just using BLM is safer. eehack uses (blm+(int-128))/128 in 'use integrator mode', and on large data sets you find the results are the same, and on smaller data sets the results are generally more accurate with the integrator.

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    and as far as weighting goes don't bother, usually results in differences of less than 1%? and engines happily run and trim and behave themselves with way more margin of error than that. having a ve cell off by a few percent makes NO difference.

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