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Thread: Tunerpro stopped connecting - ripping my hair out

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    Tunerpro stopped connecting - ripping my hair out

    I have a 1994 K1500, manual trans, 16196395, and an cable from

    I've been able to connect fine to my truck for years without any issues. Been recently working on some tuning and data logging. One day I put my fresh burned chip in, turned on the truck, and hit connect, like I always have, and it wouldn't connect. I didn't change anything about the adx, or any settings in tunerpro, just burned a new chip. I tried an older bin on a different chip, and it connected fine, so I figured bad chip.
    Well after a while it wouldn't connect with either chip, no matter what bin I used. At one point I went for a test drive while it was trying to connect, and it finally connected after a while, but I got a ton of errors in the data.

    I tried putting the stock eeprom in, no connection.
    Checked the wire connections between the ecu and data port, and they all seem fine.
    I always check com port settings, they're fine.
    Tried an older ftdi driver, no connection.
    Tried a brand new laptop (both are Asus running windows 10) with a fresh copy of tunerpro and the adx file, that didn't help.
    Bought one of these ftdi usb cables: , Tunerpro recognizes the cable with the RX/TX wires crossed, and hyperterminal will echo fine. I backpined it directly to the ECU (rx/tx to orange/blk data line, ground to black/white), no dice.
    I bought a 16197427, unopened with stock eeprom, plugged it in today and I still can't connect with either cable.

    Other than that, everything works fine. No check engine light. Jumping the data port gives code 12.

    It went from working fine to not working at all in a matter of a few minutes. Please please HelP!

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    This sounds to me like it's going to be a computer issue.

    What computer make and model, what OS, and is it fully up to date on patches?

    You should see a device load and unload in Device Manager/Ports *as well as Universal Serial Bus Controllers* when you insert the cable.
    -Phil, in Charleston, SC

    '89 S10 Blazer: SOA SAS: Dana 44s, 5.7L V8, 700R4; 35s, 4.10:1; TBI with 1227747 ECM
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    '87 Fiero GT: 3.8SC (initial research stage)

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    I don't remember my laptop's model number, but I borrowed my girlfriend's brand new Asus F555LA with windows 10, only been used for about a week. I'm pretty sure it's software is up to date.

    My laptop is also Asus with windows 10, a little older but faster AMD processor. I've never had so much as a hiccup connecting with it until now. It worked fine, then an hour or so later wouldn't connect.

    The port definitely shows up in device manager every time I plug the cable in. I'll check later to see if USB Controller shows up.

    I was thinking computer also, but what gets me is that tunerpro will recognize the new cable as found and functional. I don't think the cable test has ever worked with the cable, but data collecting has never been a problem. Even with hyperterminal, I get an echo through the cable, and it receives "noise" when I rub the transmit/receive wires together. Hyperterminal doesn't receive any data when I'm plugged in and the truck is running.

    I've been meaning to wipe my laptop clean and reinstall windows for a while, I might try that. Maybe use my old copy of windows 7 first just to see if it works.

    I'm also thinking maybe bad ground or some other connection? I'm not sure where all the grounds are. Could that cause everything to work fine except aldl though?

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