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Thread: Suggestions, please...

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    Suggestions, please...

    We have a 2009 Routan van which is sold by VW but is actually a Chrysler Town and Country. It is similar to many of the Caravans I work on. We have the ability to program new keys into the Dodge / Chrysler vehicles using our scantool and PIN number which is provided by the Dodge dealer on request. I need to program the VW for new keys as well. The Dodge software in our scantool works fine and even properly ID's the VW VIN as a VW. The problem is that I have not been able to obtain a PIN number. I need to find a solution.

    Here is what I have learned:

    1) VW technicians can program new keys, but the VW software does not ask for a PIN and the techs claim they do not see a PIN.
    2) VW dealers (parts and service) claim to have no access to a PIN.
    3) VW Customer service refuses to issue a PIN even though the owner's manual says the original owner will get a card that documents the PIN.
    4) The owner's manual lists steps for programming a new key without a PIN but they do not work.
    5) My local Dodge dealer tried several methods to obtain a PIN but the vehicle was not sold by Chrysler and the PIN was not available to the dealer.
    6) Local specialty lock companies that have claimed to be able to read the pin from the VIN fail as soon as they realize the vehicle is not in the Chrysler data base.
    7) Several online tools that claim to be able to read the PIN from an EEPROM in the WINS module (ignition switch, which isn't really) do not actually have instructions for the WINS module.
    8) I'm getting really steamed at VW for offering to program 5 new keys at $110 per key and $70 to program. Long term, that is not a cost effective plan.

    I'd like to find an answer that lets us perform the programming in house. At this time I'm thinking I might use an OBDII CAN recorder to watch several programming events in our Caravans then record a paid-for event at VW. To me, this device would be small and operate without external triggering. It appears that some of the recorders that hide under the dash are very specific about what chatter they record. Does anyone have experience with these devices that could make a suggestion? Or maybe someone has another suggestion for getting the PIN? I'm all ears...

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    Skim reset on Chrysler usually does it. J2534 tool box has the function for free along with vin change.

    i have not tried this tool but maybe something to look into.

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    The PIN reader tool may work. If I had a spare WINS module, even an old part changed under warranty, I could disassemble it to see if there's anything resembling the eeprom that is designed to work with.

    I'll look at the drewtech product. It seems like SKIM is from the previous generation of van but I'll follow every lead.

    Thank you.

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