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Thread: Can someone please help with these PID's

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    Can someone please help with these PID's

    Ok so I'm not experienced enough to know if these should be changed or not. I have only changed stuff like ve and timing tables plus that cold afr vs coolant temp, it was close to 12.5 at 90 degrees C and I have moved it up a couple times and I do c the change when I do but had to adjust ve table after change to get back to 128.
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    Ok I got distracted and thrown off track half way thru this post.

    I wanted to ask about these afr pid's. Why are the afr's so low? Like the cold afr at idle is set to 12.5?!??? And cold afr vs coolant temp was set to 11.0 at high coolant temps. Should I move the cold afr at idle off 12.5 to 14.7? Or is there something else in the computer that needs it to be so low?
    Should I even change these?
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