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Thread: SBC TPI 0411 24X conversioin

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    Quote Originally Posted by evilstuie View Post
    Hey Fast355,
    I just downloaded the VCM editor for HP Tuners and found it as you said on the diag tab. Wow, this could be an issue if both have been done then essentially it's just cancelled the change out.
    But the TunerPro XDF I was using didn't have an option for firing order, so I assume the firing order is still set to LS1 and repinning has corrected the firing order.
    Actually they BOTH need to be done. The firing order needs to be re-pinned to the correct order and the firing order in the diagnostics tab should be changed. The firing order will not put the injectors and coils into the correct order, but it will correct the firing order in the tune so that the PCM will flag the correct cylinder when you have an injector/coil/misfire related code. If you do not correct the diagnostic side, the PCM will flag the wrong cylinder and you will go crazy trying to diagnose say a p0307 misfire, on cylinder 7 it would actually be cylinder 4 with the problem.
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    Mike G, Do you have a tune file you can share? i would use it start as a base tune for mine. Or the contact info of the place u had yours tuned at? Thanks

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    For my L31 SBC 24x conversion, I started with a 2002 LM7 5.3 liter flash. I made several changes to the following parameters, injectors, timing, and fuel to more closely match the 2002 Express Van L31. Starter .bin files located here: The .bin file can be open by HP Tuners, EFI Live and TC.

    dave w

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