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Thread: Sunbird lives again...

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    Sunbird lives again...

    I put the Sunbird back on the road after being parked since 2010. I pulled it out in '11 to do a state safety inspection and one of the brake lines failed. So I put it back in the parking area with intentions to get back to it "later." Last weekend it became "later." The poor girl needed the brake line repaired, a new muffler, and about 10 hrs of cleaning from the mouse mess and cat hair. Thinking about how it could have both mouse and cat issues, my six year old asked "What were they doing, having a cat and mouse party?"

    I had forgotten how much I love that little car. I took the kids out in it Sunday am with the top down and got into boost a couple of times to plaster smiles across both faces. That was fun. I was looking forward to driving it to work this morning as I usually use a company vehicle that is far from exciting when my wife asked "Can I take it to work tomorrow to let the kids drive it again?" Yeah, ok, whatever. But only for one day.

    I am looking forward to tomorrow.

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    Nice. I wondered if you still had the 'Bird.
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