My name is Bryan Mize. Over the years I have learned many things such as building axles, rebuilding manual transmissions, metal fabrication, etc. The next feather I want to put in my hat is EFI Tuning. I have done a ton of reading, purchased some good books, talked to to skilled tuners, even dabbled enough in actual tuning to be able to get my 7427 ecm to work in manual transmission mode. I have also done some minor spark table corrections and fuel adjustments.

I am trying to complete a 10 year project which includes getting a healthy SBC 406 up and running. The specs are as follows:

-Production SBC 400 "509" block bored 0.030" over.
-Forged Eagle Rotating Assy with 6" rods.
-Dart Platinum Series Iron Heads 200cc intake, 2.02/1.60 valves, bronze guides.
-Comp 230/236, high lift, 112 lsa roller cam.
-Holley Stealth Ram Injection with 36# injectors
-Long tube headers in to dual 2.5" exhaust with H-pipe, or dual 2.5" to single 3.5" (haven't decided).
-16197427 ECM modded for MPFI using $0D mask with TunerPro RT, Moates APU1, and wideband 02.

The transmission is an early NV4500 coupled to the engine via McLeod RST Twin Disk Clutch and McLeod Billet 40# flywheel.

Soon I will be ready fire the engine! Long time coming.