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Thread: No CEL, No Start with Newly Burned EEPROM

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    No CEL, No Start with Newly Burned EEPROM

    1992 Chevrolet Lumina
    3.1L V6 Vin T
    ECM: 1227727
    Broadcast Code: AXKK
    TunerPro V4.x
    Moates USB AutoProm, GP1 Adapter
    Mask ID: $A1

    New guy here....I have a problem and Iím looking for suggestions on how to resolve it. Here's what I've done so far.

    Iíve read and saved he stock BIN off the EPROM out of the ECM.

    Before I start editing any program settings, I uploaded the stock BIN to the buffer and written it to an erased 27SF512 chip just to confirm I have the process down.

    Iím using the correct buffer and chip offsets/addresses for a 56K (57344 byte) file.

    Iíve re-installed the newly burned chip into the ECM using a Moates GP1 adapter.

    The problem is thereís no CEL with the key on/engine off and the engine wonít start. Iím sure the two are related.

    The new chip has been positioned and oriented correctly in both the AutoProm and adapter sockets; the stock EPROM is also correctly attached to the GP1 adapter.

    The engine and CEL behave normally when I re-install the stock EPROM.

    Could this be a problem with the Mask ID? I did get the $A1 off of one of the programming forums online (can't recall which one). I don't know if the file might have been altered.

    Any suggestions as to what I may be missing?


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    Closing this thread....

    There was an issue with the stock BIN size. Why it initially read as a 56K file is unknown (operator error, no doubt); the file is supposed to be a 32k file.

    Re-read the stock BIN, re-burned to the correct 32k addresses and all is good.

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