Hi all I am new to the Forum and I have a newbee question!
So I have an LT4 Vette with 1 3/4" ARH headers/cats, and Cold Air. I just bought a used JET DST and am familiar with tuning terms for the most part. I have already programmed my cooling fans to turn on faster and eliminated my CAGS (JET calls it CARS for whatever reason).
My car runs great no issues but I am wondering if more HP could be gained by tuning the fuel and spark? If there is not much to be gained then I won't bother tuning as the car does run great.
If there are decent gains by tuning then should I tune at an RPM level around 4000 RPM and up? I have a scan tool that will take readings and let me upload to my computer. I am thinking of making a few WOT runs to see what it looks like and then start adjusting but I am new to this so any suggestions would be appreciated