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Thread: Fuel Spark and Control

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    Fuel Spark and Control

    I own a '93 f-150 4.9L. It's coming up to 230K and really needs a complete rebuild. No time and No money for it right now. But,Now what I've done is went a bought the Grandson a '97 f150 V-6 4.2L that needs a engine, I mean this thing had a broken crankshaft, yes, in two pieces (have not seen that before). I got a chance to buy a used wrecking yard engine that was suppose to only have 35000 miles on it for $350 and there are extenuating circumstances with it. If I bought it I would really like to put it on a test stand and run it before installing. After much online research the consensus is "NO" don't try to run a EFI engiine outside the body as it will cause you to have to go join a Twelve Step Program somewhere. Now, I did find Ford v-6 industrial EFI engines advertised and also marine EFI engines. Where I'm goin' with this is that there must be Engine Control Modules "out there" that don't have to have all the sensors just to start and run like for a test. Has anyone ever been able to "Jury Rig" a test stand to breakin or test run a engine. bjr

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    I don't see why if you were somehow able to ground everything properly why it wouldn't run. The key is actually having a good run stand, not just an engine stand.

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    Thank you, for the reply

    Quote Originally Posted by 400_Fordman View Post
    I don't see why if you were somehow able to ground everything properly why it wouldn't run. The key is actually having a good run stand, not just an engine stand.
    To Update:I got the Ford 4.2L (it was from a different wrecking yard though) in and running with no out of body test run. It seems to be performing well, although there's a problem with oil pressure sending unit. I'll replace that as soon as the snow leaves and I can open the doors to my shop againj. We had a record snow this year for our area. After some study at least on the 4.2L V-6's I would need at least the powertain module with all the connecting wire loom to connect the crankshaft sensor, the camshaft sensor, connection wires for the coil packs, the fuel injectors, throttle postion sensor, the control system for the intake seconary butterfly valves, and I'm not sure of what kind system for the EGR and the crankcase ventilation, and OH yeah maybe a full exhaust system for the (4) O2 sensors. I finally just cancelled the test run stand idea and just stuffed the engine in the body and kept my fingers cross it would run. On kind of a side note. The little plastic fuel injector pintle caps could not be purchased separtely here locally at least. I wanted to use the old injectors but cleaned them and wanted to replace the litlle caps, but couldn't find any. I also needed a windshield spray nozzle that snaps in the hood of the truck. The local Ford dealer told me they came on a new truck. Ford parts are not as easy to come by as a person would think. Well at least you replied and I appreciate that. Hopefully the "rebuild a old ford" days are behind me now. I think I learned my lesson. bjr

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