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Thread: tunerpro and aldl cable problems

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    tunerpro and aldl cable problems

    I think my old aldl cable is dying, but im not sure.

    I have no idea who's it is. its a serial port unit, that plugs into another cable, that plugs into an adapter, that plugs into a usb converter. its messy to say the least.

    on my stock tbi truck with winaldl, it connects just fine every time.

    on my 7727 swap project with tunerpro, it only connects if I first plug in the chip burner, then unplug the burner, and install the cable with the 10k resistor. even then, it sometimes takes multiple tries, and has a bunch of communication errors according to tunerpro.

    so, is it a bad cable? something else I'm missing? I've tried every driver, etc I can find.

    just want to make sure that im not pissing money away. its frustrating enough that im almost ready to rip all the GM stuff out and buy a megasquirt.

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    I can't honestly say your cable is good or bad. What I can say from my own personal experience is my old serial ALDL cable worked great with my old laptop, which had an actual 9 pin serial connector. After upgrading to a new laptop, that did not have a 9 pin serial connector, I ended up buying a USB ALDL cable from: I tried a couple different serial to USB adapters with my old serial ALDL cable and new laptop with limited success.

    When my USB ALDL cable arrived, I plugged the new ALDL cable into my new laptop, and then I ran the driver install directly from

    My new laptop is Win 7.

    Maybe a new USB cable is less expensive and less work than megasquirt?

    dave w

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