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Thread: 2002 Tahoe/Yukon cal file request

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    2002 Tahoe/Yukon cal file request

    Hey guys,

    I need a stock calibration file for a 2002 yukon/tahoe with the following specs:

    drive by wire

    I have found some files here on gearhead that have been close, but now quite what I need. If anyone has a file that hits the above marks that would be great.

    So I looked through three files that I found in the forum, but ran into some issues.
    1. 2002 Tahoe lm7 .cal's weren't ETC enabled. Question - can I just turn ETC on in the applied options matrix to enable ETC, or is it more involved than that?
    2. I found a file called "" and it has ETC, but its an L59 tune so the injector flow rate isn't the same as the lm7 equipped Tahoe I intend to run the PCM in. Question - can I simply turn the "flex fuel compatible" option off in the calibration options/switches, then adjust the flow rate tables to match the rates that are given for the the lm7 injectors, or is there more to it than that?

    Thanks for any help.

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    The attached is 2002 Yukon L59 .cal file I modified for an Off Road Only LM7 DBW.

    dave w

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    Try this one ...

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