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Thread: Reading E38 with FGtech V54 >>>>> (PICs)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ahmy View Post
    Done more testing on the 0411 pcms FG fails @ completing a full write but was capable of reading it just fine.

    Tested PCMs

    LS1A 512kb = read ok , writing works occasionally
    LS1B 1mb = read + write
    E38 = read + write
    P10 = read + write
    P04 = Fails @ both
    Where did you buy yours?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mecanicman View Post
    Where did you buy yours?
    Just buy the cheapest one and do a hardware rework on the PCB and update the firmware or get a EURO clone which is a slightly better pcb with upgraded components.

    Rework guide =

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    This is probably a stupid question, but do you have to be able to break the seed/key code in order for this to work? Or does it do something different, where it doesn't need to worry about the seed/key in order to be able to download the bin?

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