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Thread: 96 Lt1 tune for 355 le3 with cc306 A4

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    Sep 2015

    96 Lt1 tune for 355 le3 with cc306 A4

    Does anybody have a great tune that I can look at?
    For the same set-up in Title, Thanks.
    Just here to learn more about tuning
    using JET DST and ECMpro Scan currently

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    It seems the 94 ~ 95 model years have more tuning options and better overall interest.

    Maybe switch to a 94 ~ 95 PCM?
    For example:!

    Minimal cost and technical details to switch PCM! Emissions testing in your area might still require the 96 PCM?

    dave w

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    automatic transmission makes that a pain, though. brian knows how. since this guy already owns the software he should probably use it

    it's true that total cost of converting to OBD-I and tuning it is generally lower than buying appropriate tuning software for OBD-II, though ('specially since the software for OBD-I is free, and a used ecm is $80-100)

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    Sep 2015
    I would have but I bought the JET DST and ecmpro scan and I just wanted to look at the fuel and timing maps.
    my base tune is from pcm4less and my timing at 80 kpa and up is at 32 degrees,
    I was thinking about adding more timing but wanted to look at somebody else fuel maps.
    Just here to learn more about tuning
    using JET DST and ECMpro Scan currently

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    97 Z28 A4 Cam - Note several codes off, see notes section in file.

    Here's the closest I have for your 1996, the 1997 should be the same. Just change your vin, check tire size, gears (this is a 3.42- I think). This is an older tune, the car is now all drag and running different combo.

    Just message me if I can help you. You asked for a Great Tune, I'm sure this may not meet that definition, as each car needs to be tuned based on it on modifications, condition and environmental conditions. Just use this as a bases to try or a starting point.


    Try the 97z28 355 cam A4 file, I mistakenly uploaded the earlier file. I went back and looked at the file - timing and fuel is close to stock, some changes were made to MAF scaling and I also think this car has 30# injectors. It's a pretty basic tune, but ran low 12's with a modest build.
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    1995 Z28 Camaro Turbo PT76GTS 9.61@ 148
    1995 TransAm ProCharger D-1 10.52@ 142

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    Is the ecmpro scan for data logging? I just purchased the JET DST a while ago and am learning as I go. I am wondering if learning how to use a datalog will help me get a lil bit better performance out of my '96 Impala. Thx, Tony

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