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Thread: AVT 852 and VMware issues

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    AVT 852 and VMware issues

    Moved my VMware to a new laptop and am having issues with cables working properly. I mainly have VMware for my TunerCats and Jet software and I am having issues trying to use them.

    Old computer was a Lenovo on Win 10, running VMware workstation 11. No issues with that computer and LS1 Flash, Cats, Jet.

    New computer is a Dell on Win 10, running the same VMware workstation 11. The VM is a Win XP os and when you open LS1 Flash you get random cables and firmware assignments to this cable.

    Here is a correct reference of the 852 when it should work.
    Attachment 10351

    Here is the same VM but connecting again, this will repeat to several other cables.
    Attachment 10352
    Attachment 10353

    Tried using Cats OBD2 to read a bench PCM and it took 3 times as long as it normally does, this is by assuming the cable keeps changing. I have installed the drivers as per AVT's recommendation FTDI VCP.

    I have tried deleting the drivers and installing again and also other drivers sets with no luck. Seems to only happen on the VM, i can open LS1 Flash on the win 10 computer and have no issues with cable changing.

    here are screen shots of the coms.
    Attachment 10354
    Attachment 10355

    I also have an older Beta verson of HP tuners 2.25 on my VMware and noticed plugging in my HP tuners cable was having issues reading the license off that cable also! Really want to get this fixed so i can use all my programs again. I have tried FTclean several times as well and installing drivers again.

    Thank you
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    VM USB drivers don`t work good with new laptop chipset or dell usb drivers suck or not fully supported.
    So you can start looking for another laptop to test.
    You can try clean install on new VM machine and see there is an improvement.

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    I'll try it on a desktop i have here.
    My old laptop needs to be wiped clean and OS reinstalled. I dont want to do that until i have my new laptop working correctly. Dell mught be picky but they must have a fix for it somewhere. VMware forums are a pain to even try and sign up on for support.

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