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Thread: E38 full flash using TC

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    I have a lot of 2007 and 2008 files. If you post the cal that you read out of the E38, I will look for one with the same 7 and 8 segments.

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    Well I updated my roadrunner software and the code patch was available. Funny since I was only 1 or 2 versions behind.
    Truck is running now

    Thanks folks, appreciate all the help

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    Let's see if somebody has a calibration compatible with this ECM. This is the ECM the truck came with and was flashed somewhere else. It was running on 4 cylinder only (3,5, 2 and 8 running, the other 4 have no pulse). I checked wiring from injector to ECM and it's OK.
    So I tried another ECM, disabled vats and it ran fine.
    I want to flash the original ECM with a stock CAL before dumping it, I suspect the flash is bad but I don't have a compatible one to test.

    Best Regards.

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    Segments 7 and 8 (the one's that can't be changed with tuning software) are correct for that VIN. It looks like the original 4.8L LY2 4L80 calibration was reflashed with tuning software with a 5.3L LY5 4L60 calibration.

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    here is a stock cal for that vin

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