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Thread: Starting over

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    Starting over

    So after getting frustrated with tuning and other problems, I took a little break over winter. Couldn't get the truck in the garage anyway. I decided I made too many mods all at once and bit off a little more than I could chew. My HP expectations are much less now, I just want a dependable running truck again.

    I stripped off the top end and pulled the cam. Have sold mostly everything. Turns out my stock heads were 217's and not the 191/193 swirlports that I thought were on there. Wished I had noticed this earlier but I was so stuck on vortecs I didn't even look. I know they don't flow as well as vortecs but better than swirlports and should support enough HP for me. My heads are at the machine shop right now and will hopefully be done this week. I did a little bowl blending, opened up the exhaust ports just a little and I'm having the shop back cut the valves, should add some flow.

    I'm using a stock style intake (3704), going back to a stock bore throttle body with the ultimate mods done and keeping the 68lb cop car injectors. Gonna get the fuel pressure back down close to stock to start. I ordered a vortec truck cam 10241264 and I'm keeping the small tube headers and dual exhaust.

    Here are my questions. Am I close enough to stock to use the stock chip as my starting point and data log from there? If so, how do I go about doing that? I have the ostrich 2.0, would I unplug it from the ecm, insert my original chip, start the truck and then upload current program to get into tunerpro?

    Dave w, are you still in? I know this is kinda ground zero from where we started and what we've done already.
    95 GMC K2500, 4l80e, 4.10 gears, 355 L05 4-bolt block, ARP rod bolts, Speed-Pro H423DCP-30 pistons, moly rings, 217 heads, vortec cam, TBI mods, cop car injectors, headers, 2 1/2" Y-pipe and 3" single exhaust with high flow muffler and cat.

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    I'm still in.

    The Cop Car injectors with a stock fuel pressure regulator spring and the Vortec 10241264 camshaft are good plans.

    I'll set you up with a "starter chip" (closer than stock chip would be) for the Ostrich and we can figure out a fair "tuning plan" going forward.

    dave w

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