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Thread: 2012 LFX V6 - From Camaro - Manual Trans. - E39 PCM - CANBUS - Run stand alone?

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    2012 LFX V6 - From Camaro - Manual Trans. - E39 PCM - CANBUS - Run stand alone?

    Searched "stand alone" and didn't find anything useful.

    Has anyone successfully gotten one of these PCMs to run stand-alone?
    I'm considering a swap into a different car, and would prefer not to use the BCM, ABS, and all the other modules that it wants to talk with.
    Is it as simple as looping the data bus wires back on themselves, as some have implied?
    I've considered other CANBUS swaps, too, but I have never gotten a concise answer as to how difficult it is to make it work. (Other than someone telling me, "Yeah... I can probably do it. For a price.")

    Any help will be appreciated. (I specified 2012, since Tunercat has the VDF available. :D)

    Edit - My apologies if I have this in the wrong section. Perhaps it should be in OBDII...
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    I haven't gotten one to work alone nor have I tried. I can say that "looping wires back" on the CAN bus seems like a guess. It's kind of like plugging an extension cord into itself. If the PCM is looking for information from other modules then it will expect that information. Choking off the information path doesn't help.

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    I don't have any experience in this arena, but found a thread on a corvette site that discussed eliminating modules for making cars track ready.
    They talked about simply terminating the data wires into 120ohm resistors.


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    Thanks for that!
    I also found a thread on LS1tech dotcom where someone was building LFX stand alone harnesses. NOTHING was mentioned about reprogramming. They did mention that it was only compatible with a manual trans, which suits me just fine.
    This may be easier than I had ever imagined.

    Edit - "Carb and Points..." Cracked me up.

    2nd Edit - He responded and said that VATS needed to be flashed out. Otherwise, apparently nothing...
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    I don't see why you can't get it to work. Just did a 2014 DI 4.3 E92 swap. Built a new harness for it. Flashed out vats and reworked the supply fuel pump tables... Fired right up.

    Runs pretty good too. Its the one destroying the Stroked LS.

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    No, looping the wires or terminating the CANBUS wires with 120 ohm resistors will not work, at least there will be a lack of information that the PCM will be looking for. CANBUS systems have 120 ohm resistors in the CANBUS as a requirement of the CANBUS protocol. Maybe the people saying that will work simply looked at that requirement and assumed that meant that was all that was needed.

    The communications on a CANBUS system are quite complex.
    The man who says something is impossible, is usually interrupted by the man doing it.

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