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Thread: GM ECM 16183977 code EC (diesel 4L80E)

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    GM ECM 16183977 code EC (diesel 4L80E)

    Binary file BPDP, 1994 L56 + MT1 + K-series (4x4)

    Also included is a disassembly, but with a few Dale modifications (bug fixes). Boost derate changed from a derate to an absolute torque limit in this ASM file. I will try to get the unmodified source shortly. I do not have ADX or XDF files for it, I just edit the calibration in the source to reassemble. Source is set up for Avocet AVMAC11 assembler. There are a few bugs in the OEM code that cuold do wierd things when DTC's would set.

    There is another code compile for the 4L60E that also uses the EC tag. The calibration format is the same but the code is different.
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    I have an $EC.xdf for that! When I make a ECM information thread for it I will find the ALDL file and make an ADX.

    Thanks for the contribution!

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    Sorry for add this ...........
    but i think is better use some open tread, for gm diesel and not open an other one

    what i am try to do is a simple modification of a BRMM.BIN on GM ECM 16212488 code EC (diesel 4L80E) and share what i have for it

    the XDF file is not so defined, or not so bad, but not so fine for what i need for it

    ask if someone can make me in the right direction for have a fine XDF

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