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Thread: 4L80 swap

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    4L80 swap

    Thinking about moving up to a 4L80 2wd transmission in my 1993 1/2ton 4wd. I know why not just get a 2wd truck. long story better left for a build tread on another forum.

    My question is will my 8625 $E6 do the job? Will i need a 1993 4L80 or can i use any pre-LS version? Can you think of any other wiring or programming issues i need to know.

    Sorry, If this tread is in the wrong forum, feel free to move.

    1993 RCSB 1/2, 350/4l60 Eaton locker 3.42-1. Drag truck ET 10.84 1/8mile. Build Thread
    1989 V2500 Suburban 350/th400, 4.11 gears, Tow truck, needs TBI 454 swap. Build Thread

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    The 8625 should be fine; the 16168625, 16196395 and 16197427 are pretty much the same; though I have heard of some not having all of the internal parts for a 4L80-E.

    $E6 and $0D won't do it without modification. I know one guy over at FSC was using $0D for a 4L80-E. The mod didn't sound very difficult to do.
    $0E and $31 will run the 4L80-E and will work in the 8625, without modification. All of your existing calibration can be transfered over, except for the trans part of course.

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    I believe all the 4l80s are close enough to work except for the later model that had a single connector prndl switch as i know it had a different epc solenoid but I will verify this monday morning
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