Somewhat new here, but I have a 7747 ECM, Autoprom, and a big heavy truck with a gm smallblock 350, and a 5spd manual (nv4500)transmission.

I'm trying to track down a knock count increase that seems to occur when I'm shifting up on a hard acceleration around 2900rpm. Normally I get 3-4 knock counts when I start up the engine and no increases except for this particular shifting situation. It seems to happen right when I step on the gas after the clutch grabs. At the point the knock count increases (by 1) The BLM enabled flag turns off and then turns back on right away.

My best guess is that the transition from almost 0 vacuum to ~20 is too fast for the timing to adjust. I'm also open to the possibility that it's just false knock and nothing to worry about. There were a few times I was able to hear what sounded like a really short "squeal" like a belt slipping, and the knock count would increment right when that sound happened. In any case, I'd like to see if anyone has any advice for tuning around that kind of situation with a manual transmission.

I attached a tunerpro-rt log along with an excel version for reference.