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Thread: sunfire module how-to questions

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    sunfire module how-to questions

    so I picked up a sunfire module like the how to was showing. but it also seems like theres a flow restrictor built in to make it run at 58 psi, according to the computer at oreilleys. the module is actually out of an 01 Malibu 3100. I think. I need to find a part number I can run to confirm.

    anyway, iof it does have the flow restrictor, how do I bypass? also, what pump can I put in there to feed a 400 at the rear wheels small block?


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    What's a "sunfire module" and what "how-to"?
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    I think he's talking about the fuel tank / pump mod?

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    i apologize that my initial post didn't contain all relevant info.

    that is the link to the "how to" using the sunfire module.

    according to the computer catalog at oreilleys (work there part time for the discount) the Malibu version that I picked up has a restrictor in it, acting as the fuel pressure regulator. apparently 58 psi. with my vacuum referenced regulator, im pretty sure that I need to bypass/remove this, as its higher than what I need for fuel pressure at the rails.

    this may be a moot conversation though, as im not sure the module is short enough to fit my tank. wont know that till next weekend when I can get the car on the lift, but was trying to do homework now before parts are needed.


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    it's nice.thaks for share.

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