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Thread: The ultimate LT1 $$EE patch thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by kur4o View Post
    Here is some cleaned up and revised version of all the stuff that is tested and working.
    It adds some interesting mode4 control like real time control of VE, maf/sd modes and end of injection time.
    You also get some enhanced aldl parameters.

    How to install.
    1.You need to flash your PCM with eehack 4.7 with insert patches tickbox marked.
    2.Than read your bin.
    3.Apply all patches from the folder.
    4.Burn the bin with eehack4.7 IMPORTANT the insert patches box must be not ticked.
    5.Save the patched bin for future improvements.

    To make available extra controls use the supplied eehack_v92.exe, which must be run from the eehack installation folder.
    Load the supplied definition file for improved datalog.

    Instalation notes.
    You need to choose between MAF primary and Speed Density primary patches and apply only one of them.
    If you have indeterminate data warning when you apply the patches, first press remove patch box, than apply as usual.

    If you are runnig Speed density mode and apply the patch, make sure that the skip unused region tickbox is unmarked when you burn the bin.
    If the box is ticked the eehack will wipe the MAF table to FFs and switching to maf will not be possible.

    I am working on a future version of eehack that will apply the patches automaticaly, but for now you need to follow installation notes exactly as written.
    Thanks for all this great work! I'm working to transition from LT1Edit/etc and would like to use EEHack along with adding wideband sensors to tune my VE's real-time after a full rebuild and cam swap.

    Since i haven't used EEHack yet, I assume I run version 4.7, connect, download my existing program from the ECM before any of these steps you list above, or can I jump straight to 4.92?

    THEN, I flash with 4.7 with insert patches checked and then read the bin back out. Then you say "apply all patches from the folder". How do I do that? I assume I am pulling in all the changes in your CSV file that was bundled with the 4.92 EEHack zip file; do I just go to the Settings/Advanced tab and point to your updated CSV, then does that "apply the patches"? Because then you say flash the new bin with 4.7.

    And for this entire process when should I switch to running the 4.92 EEHack executable instead?
    Thanks again for helping me get up to speed here.

    I'm running a 94 Formula, bored/stroked/nitrous 402 LT1 with dry and wet kits plus nano nitrous setup, 6-speed.

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    To apply the patch you will need to use another program called tunerpro. You can get it at
    Load your bin and the xdf file provided in tunerpro and you will see on the left side the folder. The patches are inside and you will have to apply them according to instructions. You can jump straight to 4.92. The reason I advertise using 4.7 to flash is because it is safer to flash with it, since 4.92 is not tested enough in that aspect.
    When you get familiar with tunerpro and learn how to use it you
    will get alot more parameters to tune also.

    I see you will be using a nitrous kit. That will be a good possibility to develop custom nitrous patch to your needs. Just tell me how you need the PCM to behave and I will try to make it happen.

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    Thanks for the reply. I am working to get my software environment set up with all this new software. I have been in the LT1Edit/Datamaster world for the last 20 years so it is taking a bit.

    Full specs on engine is currently a 402 '95 LT1 (4.060 with 3.875 stroke), 256/264 solid roller Comp cam with .653/.656 lift (with Crower offset 1.55 rockers) with 114 lobe separation, monoblade TB, 1-3/4" long tube headers, ported heads and intake.

    Nitrous kits are a single nozzle dry kit and a NOS pro race fogger soft plume kit, running separately and jetted for around 180hp and 300hp each, plus a Nano nitrous setup for bottle pressure.

    Ignition is a Delteq 4 coil setup and gutted Opti (just optical sensor).

    M6 transmission with viper OPS conversion, McLeod street twin clutch and SFI bellhousing, denny's nitrous ready driveshaft, Moser 9" with 4.10 gears and 35 spline axles (since I've broken and had to replace everything in this sentence).

    I am planning to pick up the FAST dual WB sensor setup and wire them into the ECM so I can monitor at least one bank at a time and log WB's versus the OEM O2's.


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