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Thread: Tuner Pro software

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    Tuner Pro software

    I have used Tuner Pro software for many years, and have always found it to be easy to use, along with many advanced features.

    V5 (Version 5) is the current version an has a lot of user customizability to it.

    Used mainy for GM and Ford, there are definitions for other manufacturers as well.
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    Re: Tuner Pro software

    Is there some way to 'plug' into a internet motor to see what the changes made to the eprom would do? Is that even possible.

    I actually, I guess, is there a theroretical computer engine that can be programed for number of cylinders, fuel induction style, altitude, etc, etc,?

    That way if you really make some dramatic changes and the motor blows at say 3200 rpm you wouldn't really blow the motor, just have to examine your log and adjust the inputs
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    Re: Tuner Pro software

    I don't know of one. I do have a test bench made of a TBI intake manifold and a drill for distributor and a vacuum pump for MAP.

    Then I bought a JimStim Simulater that does most of that and I can run an ECM.

    I think you starting this backwards. You are supposed to record data, then use the data for improvements in fuel lets say. Then record data to see if you worked out that spot.

    If you had a Wide Band O2 sensor hooked up while tuning then you would know not to go to lean (MELT) and use your knock sensor to look for to much timing (DETONATION kinda like a broken melt)

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    Re: Tuner Pro software

    mudbuggy, what you're describing is on the absolute edge of being impossible.

    you would need to accurately simulate an engine and all of the possible flaws it has, without knowing all of the possible flaws of an engine.

    and even if you could create this theoretical engine, it would be foolish to base adjustments off of it, since EVERY motor is different.
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