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    Hello, I'm new to tuning ECMs/PCMs and just joined this forum. I have a 1990 GMC Jimmy, 385 CID stroker w/MPFI conversion to my 1227747 ECM. Edelbrock 2209 Hydraulic Roller Cam, Shorty headers, Edelbrock MPFI intake manifold conversion (3502). Heads have been cleaned up, 2.02 intakes 1.6 exh. The conversion uses the TBI throttle body for TPS and IAC, the stock injectors and regulator are removed and a block off plate installed. I opened the intake and smoothed the plenum to adapt the larger BB throttle body assembly for more CFM. I also replaced the throttle lever with the SB lever to retain the 700R4 (4L60) TV cable. I have Tuner Pro RT and have never tuned an ECM before. I can use all the help I can get. I do understand how the systems work, just haven't done any tuning and not familiar with the terminology. I am hoping to get some direction and advise for the files I need to map this thing and make it sing. The engine is built for dependability and moderate performance. The injectors have been upgraded from 19 to 29 gph and the fuel pressure will be regulated at 45-50 PSI. Anyone willing to help? Thanks
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