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Thread: new $EE tuning thing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kur4o View Post
    I tried the memo and it didn`t show up. Could it be because it needs a car connection or i broke something. I remember it was working correctly the last time I check it.
    yeah i broke the memo function somehow a few versions ago and nobody noticed, because nobody uses it. i could look over my github commits and try to figure out what did it.

    Do you think we can add m4 message to log file and make it playable.
    that's a great idea, i don't know why i ever thought of that

    it's possible but it's a lot of work. i might have to sit down this winter and do it, too many projects right now.

    one problem is the more you change your modified eehack, the more likely the changes i make wont work for you anymore. i guess i should be working on your source code and not mine

    i really want to make a 'normal' update to eehack without any of your experimental patches too, to fix some of the small bugs and crashes, the memo thing, etc.. the beta didn't work well for some people for some reason, i think it was the new version of qt and compiler i used...

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    I use qt 5.6

    Here is the base source code I started with and the last good version I have modified.

    There is still small work needed. Fixing the patch side. It is slightly modified now.
    Adding CL m4 control. Cleaning some stuff and optimizing dashboard with some extra parameters.

    Things to do in future.

    Adding two more fields at the graph and making cursor to show the value at the bar. Adding more overlays with colour bars at top or bottom of the graph.

    If you have time a complete writeover with more modular object oriented design will be the best path to go. I am sure your skills vastly improved over time.

    I dont know about the memo but I am sure in the 4.7 it was working with the cyl balance test.
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    Here is my latest work Closed loop control patch included.

    Provided eehack.exe contains v4 patch, so you can burn with it your favorite bin and enjoy all the extra stuff.

    Still in beta test. It wont brick your pcm, so if something dont work due to typo mistakes, you will be able to recover PCM.

    I hope someone do a test and report results.

    Some small details need to be worked out so it is not a final release yet.
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    I was thinking to fix some of the notes and forget to upload source.

    Ignore any wierd looking info.

    The closed loop control is as follow.

    02 int change the calculated value of table 26fb. The modifier adds or substract.
    02 swing changes left and right swing voltage, table 26f1.
    02 filter changes the left and right value of table 2700.

    All parameters are delta change +- and the conversion is taken from the eextra.xdf
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